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How to choose the right size

Size charts are listed for each product, click on "Size table"
The table shows the size of the clothing. Only the pants are at the sides of the hips
dimension measured on the figure.
These numbers are measured with the utmost caution, yet with your
control measurements may be slightly different - + - 1 - 1.5 cm.
This deviation does not affect the size. There is always some reserve in each size, which means that if, for e.g. circumference of hips of trousers is98 cm h, they can fit you, even if you measure 97 cm or 99 cm on yourself. On the contrary, trousers might not fit you at all, even if the dimensions match exactly, the cut of trousers might not suit you.
If you struggle with our table, please email us your measurements - body height + chest, waist and hip circumference - measured on you, don't add or take anything away.