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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
1. General provisions and definitions
These terms govern the goods purchased via the e-shop located on the website eshopscucka.com.
A closed purchase agreement is governed by the law of the Czech Republic.
Jana Ščučková
Beethovenova 1853
738 01 Frýdek - Místek
Czech Republic
Organization ID Number: 115 36 306
VAT Number: CZ6759230852
Business address, postal address and delivery address for exchange or complaint:
Jana Ščučková
Nerudova 160
756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
Telephone:    00420 722 902 019 - Jana Ščučková
e-mail address:    jana@scucka.com
is an entity that has entered a Purchase Agreement with the Seller. As a proof of Purchase Contract is understood a Document of purchase of goods.
Buyers by making an order, filling in the details and its sending, accepts the Business Terms and Conditions for Goods Received by the Seller. The relationships between Buyers and Sellers are governed by these terms, which are binding on both parties unless otherwise stated in writing.
2. Order of goods
Products at eshop.scucka.com are a catalog of commonly-supplied goods.
The vendor-seller does not guarantee instant availability of all items.
The Buyer selects the all goods on the web, places them in the basket, fills in all the required data in electronic order and sends the order.
Sending an order is a proposal to conclude a Purchase Contract.
Only confirmation of the order from the Seller is considered to be the Closure of the Purchase Contracts.
Goods can also be ordered by phone or e-mail.
Buyer's Personal Information is inevitable to conclude the purchase contract.
If the Customer fails to provide Personal Information, the Purchase Contract cannot be concluded.
To see all the information on how we process and protect your Personal Information click this link to a separate section "Personal Information" at eshopscucka.com
3. Transport of goods:
We use the services of these carriers: DPD, GLS, DHL, UPS in the EU.
The price for the transport that's added into your order at the e-shop
includes carriers DPD and GLS.
We use DHL to send large orders with bigger weight.
We use UPS to send express orders, the price is higher and we arrange it with the customer individually.
You can get further information about transport to specific country, or special orders by email.
You can pay for your orders from abroad in two ways:
bank transfer -  we will send you the documents based on the order for
foreign payment - invoice.
payment by card - eshop offers a payment gate and you can pay your order
3.Personal collection: at Nerudova 160, Rožnov p.R.
It is available after a prior telephone agreement.
A personal collection is also possible at some of our sales events listed on the eshopscucka.com main page.
Delivery time:
Ordered goods will be delivered according to the availability of the product and the Seller's operational abilities within the shortest possible timeframe, usually within 1 to 5 business days (if on stock) from the mandatory order confirmation. In case that ordered goods are not on stock or customized on Buyer's request the delivery timeframe is usually longer (2-6 weeks).
The delivery is considered to be comleted at the time the goods are delivered to the address specified in the order.
4. Transport of goods to Slovakia.
Payment by cash 250, - CZK (10 eur)
Payment by money transfer in advance 150, - CZK (6 eur)
5. Contract cancelation
Order cancellation
The Seller's right to withdraw from the contract
The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract up until the time of dispatch of the goods. The Seller is entitled to do so in case of unavailability of goods or significant changes in the price of the goods. Before the Seller withdraws from the contract, the Seller is always obliged to contact the Buyer to find agreement with the Buyer and plan the next steps.
The Buyer can cancel the order without giving any reason.
Procedure in the event that withdrawal from the contract takes place according to cancellation policy and the entire contract will be cancelled from the beginning.  The Seller returns or replaces to the Buyer or the Buyer returns or replaces to the Seller all ongoing or received transactions.
The Buyer may withdraw from the contract by announcing this fact to the Seller electronically at jana@scucka.com. stating an order number, which is required
6.Complaint procedure 
Return and replacement of goods
The Buyer has the right to the refund or goods replacement  within 14 days from the date of the taxable transaction. In the event of a return or exchange of undamaged goods, the Buyer must returned any advantages which he acquired by buying the goods, for example, various gifts related to the given goods, quantity discounts, discounts from transport, etc. In this type of return the Buyer confirms to the Seller that the goods have no defects. In the case that the Seller finds a discrepancy between Buyer 's confirmation of the integrity of the goods, the Seller has the right to return to the Buyers only a pro rata portion of the Purchase Costs deducted by the cost of the work to get the goods to their original state. Buyer also agree to the returned Purchase Price reduced by postage and packing valid at the time of delivery of the goods. The return and replacement policy does not apply to the goods purchased in the Sale Section.
Please contact us in writing at jana@scucka.com for your complain.
We refund the money by bank transfer to your account, attach the account number to the goods, together with a proof of purchase and your contact phone number.
Replace or return the goods at the address of the facility (by post or in person)
Jana Ščučková, Nerudova 160, 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.
We will not accept
Goods made to specific Buyer's requirements can not be returned or exchange.
A specific requirement is, e.g. tailor made clothes, special embroidery, etc.
7. Claims for Goods
If you decide to complain about the purchased goods, please contact us by e-mail (your name, address, and name of the goods) and we will try to remove the defect by expert advice or we will plan our next steps with you.
Complaints apply to the address of the facility: Jana Ščučková, Nerudova 160, 756 61 Rožnov p.R (by sending, or in person)
Attach proof of purchase.
In case the goods are sent to the Seller for a claim repair, The Buyer shall, in his / her own interest, ensure that the goods are packaged in an appropriate manner
and a sufficiently protective packaging material meeting the requirements transport of the goods and mark the consignment with the relevant symbols.
The cost of sending the goods is borne by the customer. Send the goods only by normal parcel mail. The cash on delivery shipment will not be accepted. Complaints, including removal defects must be settled without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the date of application of the Claim if the Seller and the Buyer do not agree on longer period. Upon expiry of this period, the Buyer is granted the same rights as if it were an irreparable defect.
The Seller will promptly request the Buyer to take over the goods after the claim has been properly processed and the goods repaired. Or the Seller will send the goods by post to the Buyer. 
The right to claim does not arise, among the others, in the case of: use of the goods in conditions that do not match their parameters to the parameters mentioned in the dossier. The claim does not arise when the goods are mechanically damaged by the Buyer or would be submitted to parts of product subjected to natural wearing out. In the event of unauthorized claim(see previous point), the Seller charges the Buyer localization and repair costs.
If the defected goods are replaced for new or defected part was replaced the warranty period relates to the original goods. The warranty period is prolonged by the period for which the product was in warranty repair in accordance with the repair record .
8. Personal Data Protection
The personal data of a Buyer, individual, are stored in accordance with the valid legislation of the Czech Republic, namely Act No 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data, as amended.
Buyer agrees to process these personal details: name and surname, address of residence, identification number, tax identification number, e-mail address, telephone number (all together as "personal data"). 
Buyer agrees to the processing of personal data by the seller, and that for the purpose of realizing the rights and obligations of the purchase contract and for purposes sending information and business communications to the vendor. 
The Buyer acknowledges that he / she is obliged to provide his or her personal data (at registration, in user's account, when ordering from web of the store) to  correctly and truthfully and the Buyer is required inform the seller of a change in their personal data.
The seller may assign the third person the processing of the Buyer's personal data, to a person as processor. The Seller may provide only the personal data that is required for the delivery of the goods to the transporter. The Seller may provide the personal date to any other third party only after an agreement with the Buyer. 
Personal data will be processed indefinitely. Personal data will be processed in electronic form in an automated manner or in in a non-automated manner. 
The buyer confirms that the provided personal data is accurate and that it was advised that this is a voluntary provision of personal data. The buyer declares that he has been advised that consent to processing personal data may be revoked by the Seller in writing delivered to the address of the seller. To see all the information on how we process and protect your Personal Information click this link to a separate section "Personal Information" at eshopscucka.com
9.Other rights and obligations of the parties
The Buyer acquires ownership of the goods by paying the full purchase price of goods.
The seller is not bound by any codes in relation to the buyer behavior within the meaning of Section 1826 (1) e) civic of the Code.
Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes in the purchase contract is the relevant Czech Trade Inspection, its registered office is at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, ID: 000 20 869, Internet address: http://www.coi.cz.
Seller is authorized to sell goods on a trades basis authorization. The trade inspection is carried out within its scope of competence by the relevant trade licensing office. Surveillance of privacy and personal data is carried out by the Office for Personal Data Protection. The Czech trade inspection performs, to a limited extent, the observance of Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended. Buyer acknowledges that Seller is not responsible for errors resulting from third-party attacks on a website or as a result use of a website contrary to their intended use. The buyer thus takes on himself the danger of changing circumstances in the sense of § 1765 (2) of the Civil Code.
10. Final provisions
These Terms and Conditions are valid for all sales contracts entered into between the supplier and the customer. Supplier reserves the right to trade conditions change. The changes will be reported on the website eshop.scucka.com.
If the relationship is related to the use of the website or legal relationship based on a sales contract contains an international (foreign) element, then the parties agree that the relationship is governed by Czech law. This is not affected consumer rights resulting from generally binding legislation.