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Warm black/pink leggings + rainbow zippers- store size L

Warm black/pink  leggings + rainbow zippers- store size    L
  Warm black/pink  leggings + rainbow zippers- store size    L  Warm black/pink  leggings + rainbow zippers- store size    L  Warm black/pink  leggings + rainbow zippers- store size    L  Warm black/pink  leggings + rainbow zippers- store size    L
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Detailed description

Warm autumn/winter/spring leggings, combined with a soft flexible softshell with a membrane.
A small zipper pocket on the thigh, for car keys, poo bags, a hundred crowns, or a payment card, and at the same time a decorative element.
Zippers sewn into the bottom of the pants for opening.
The elastic part of the leggings is made of the luxurious Italian functional material SUPERROUBAIX, it is elastic in all directions and wicks away moisture. Inside on the back there is hair/hair.
Material 80% PAD + 20% Elastane.
The part from the middle of the thighs downwards and in the back to the middle of the calves is made of a knitted flexible softshell of smaller weight (220 gr) with a membrane and light hair on the reverse.
Forms partial protection against abrasion (resting dog paws) and the membrane at the same time forms protection against moisture and wind)
The leggings have a higher double waist with sewn-in rubber.
They hold well and keep warm in the waist.
Beware of rough and rough surfaces, the flexible part can be damaged by rubbing with Velcro or other rough parts, e.g. from the inside of the jacket.
Wash the leggings in a fine washing powder, without fabric softener, preferably inside out.
So it will last a long time.
The leggings loosen a little when worn, (they don't pull out) they adapt nicely to the figure.
Because they are very flexible, they cover several sizes in one.
How to choose a size :
The leggings are elastic in all directions and have shape memory.
They must fit mainly in the waist.The centimeters listed in the table are the waist and hips, given for an average figure, but when choosing a size, the overall shape of the figure is also important - the width of the thighs, tummy.
Because, simply put, wherever the material has to be stretched, it takes away more from the overall necessary coverage of the body with the material.
if you have a height of 160-165 cm, a hip circumference of 100 cm, but slim legs and a waist of 70 cm, size XS may be enough for you,where the maximum hip circumference is 97.
If you have a hip circumference of 100 cm, but also a larger waist circumference of e.g. 90 and slightly thicker thighs, you need size S.
If you have a larger waist circumference, e.g. 97-100 cm, hips 100 cm and thicker thighs, size M would be better...
The indicated inner length is also indicative, it also applies here as the material stretches at the top, so it takes on the total length.
If you want to compare the inner length of the leg, do it on similar leggings that you wear.
We have prepared 3 sizes of leg lengths for you.
For normal average body height, lengthened for long legs and shortened for smaller women.
We sew shortened ones to order after agreement with the customer.
If you are hesitating which size to choose, send your measurements - body height + circumference of waist, hips and upper thighs to email
We will try to advise you on the selection.

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